What Is Mercury Retroshade? Learning to Deal When Planets Throw Shade Post-Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is over— but is it really? Enter the two-week, post-retrograde period called Mercury Retroshade— a shadow phase when the chaotic effects of Mercury’s backspin still linger.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably familiar with Mercury retrograde and its less-than-ideal effects on the human condition. This powerful planetary phenomenon happens three to four times a year and lasts for approximately 20 days. From technology troubles to contractual mishaps and foggy miscommunication, retrograde’s influence almost always leaves a lasting impression.

For further reading on retrograde planets, I recommend this book.

But perhaps more severe is the lesser-known two-week period after retrograde , deemed “Mercury Retroshade.”

So, what exactly is Mercury Retroshade?

All planetary retrogrades have what’s called a “shadow phase.” Mercury retrograde’s shady days occur two weeks before and two weeks after its backspin period. Planets in this phase have to adjust to their changing direction until everything is juuuuustttt right. This is called “stationing.” When Mercury gets thrown off by its altered state, so do we.

Mercury is the planet of communication. Two weeks before retrograde, it slows down in preparation for its backspin. This makes communication difficult, like we’re living in a fog, unclear about what’s real and what isn’t. Two weeks after retrograde, it happens again. Mercury prepares to station direct, so it slows down. That’s the foggy, confusing shadow phase (retroshade) that we’re experiencing now.

How to deal when Mercury throws shade

One thing to remember is that every planet goes retrograde, not just Mercury. For some reason, mainstream media has influenced Mercury retrograde’s popularity in particular, but shadow phases happen across every planet in our solar system. And we experience their individual effects as well. Perhaps simply being aware of Mercury’s backspin exasperates its supposed impact. But I digress…

During these foggy mercurial times, we’re also reminded that “this too shall pass.”

And in that moment, the sky becomes clear and the dust settles, revealing a well-paved path towards our next big adventure as we stand in our meat suits, flying through space.

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