How to Make Full Moon Water (and How to Use It In Spells and Rituals!)

Full moon water is one of the easiest and most effective additions to your witchy repertoire. In this article, you’ll find an easy “recipe” for full moon water, along with instructions for how to use it in your rituals.

Full moon water takes only three ingredients:

  1. A mason jar or glass container with a lid. I use these jelly jars but larger mason jars or smaller ones are great, too! You can also use glass tupperware or any glass container lying around your house.
  2. Filtered or purified water.
  3. A full moon!

How to Make Full Moon Water

  1. Fill a mason jar (or any glass jar with a lid) with distilled or purified water.
  2. Sit the jar outside under a full moon for at least 2-3 hours (overnight is great as long as it doesn’t come in contact with the sun).
  3. Bring the jar inside before the sun rises (sunlight counteracts the full moon energy).
  4. Label the full moon water according to date and zodiac (tonight’s full moon is in Virgo, 3/9/20).
  5. That’s it! The full moon water can be used in spell casting/prayers that align with the characteristics of that moon’s zodiac.

Tonight’s full moon in Virgo (3/9/20) teaches us to reflect on the last six months and to start to find balance between our personal activities and our work.

How to Use Full Moon Water In Spells and Rituals

You can sip full moon in Virgo water (couple of tablespoons) when looking for guidance on your career, or use it in a prayer/spell related to work. You can also use it to water your familiar plant! The main thing is using the characteristics of each zodiac’s full moon to determine how/when to use the water.

I’d love to hear about your full moon water experience in the comments below. Have you ever used full moon water in spells or rituals?


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